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Custom Fresheners™, a division of Flower Manufacturing, LLC. manufactures and distributes the worlds highest quality custom car air fresheners. Custom Fresheners™ is located in the small northwestern Ohio town of Fremont.

In early 2002, Ken Flower, President/CEO of Flower Manufacturing, LLC. opened the Custom Fresheners™ division to fill a gap in the ever-growing advertising market. Mr. Flower noticed that as people were spending more and more time in their cars, advertisers were looking for more unique ways to get to those prospective car driving customers. His solution? Bring the advertising to the customers in the form of something they would use and enjoy. His solution was an air freshener. What better way to advertise to your customers than with a billboard that hangs from their rear-view mirror seven days a week.

Custom Fresheners™ now ships custom air fresheners to all fifty US states and several foreign countries including Canada, Spain, Mexico, and Jamaica.

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